Oct 31, 2014
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CMS - 1.11.11 - San Cristobal

Other Entitlements

52. Other Entitlements.- (1) Supplier of precious and semi-precious stones and synthetic stones and processed pearls from Domestic Tariff Area to Units shall be eligible for grant of Replenishment Licence as provided under the Foreign Trade Policy and Handbook:

Provided that the application for the Replenishment Licence shall be made to the Development Commissioner.

(2) Free on Board value of export of the Unit can be clubbed with Free on Board value of export of entrepreneur in the Domestic Tariff Area or vice versa for the purpose of according status holder certificate.

(3) A Unit may retain hundred per cent. of their export proceeds in their Foreign Currency account.

(4) Software units may be allowed to use the computer system for training purpose (including commercial training) subject to the condition that no computer terminal shall be installed outside the Special Economic Zone premises for this purpose.

(5) A Unit may install one fax machine imported or procured duty free at a place of its choice, outside the Special Economic Zone, subject to intimation of its location to the Specified Officer.

(6) The Unit may install personal computers not exceeding two in number imported or procured duty free in the registered or administrative office and the Unit may also install equipments like modem etc. required for the purpose of electronic connectivity.

(7) For information technology and information technology enabled services, persons authorized by the software units may access the facility installed in the Unit through communication links.