Oct 31, 2014
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CMS - 1.11.11 - San Cristobal

Duration, Removal and destruction of goods

36. Filing of documents for admission and removal.- All documents for admission of goods into and out of Special Economic Zone shall be filed before the Authorized Officer of Customs.

37. Duration of goods or services in a Special Economic Zone.-

(1) The goods admitted to a Special Economic Zone shall be utilized, exported or disposed off in accordance with the Act and rules within the validity period of the Letter of Approval issued to the Unit or in the case of a Developer within a period of one year or such extended period as may be allowed by the Specific Officer under sub- rule (5) of rule 12.

(2) On failure to utilize or dispose off goods as provided such goods shall be liable for payment of duty as if the goods have been removed to Domestic Tariff Area on the date of expiry of the said validity period under sub-rule (1).

38. Transfer of ownership and removal of goods.- The goods or services admitted into Special Economic Zone without payment of duty or manufactured or produced or partly processed or semi-finished goods may be transferred or given on loan to a Unit or Developer within the same Special Economic Zone or in another Special Economic Zone or to an Export Oriented Unit or to a unit in Electronic Hardware Technology Park or to a Unit in Software Technology Park, Bio- Technology Park unit without payment of duty, subject to the following conditions, namely:-

(i) the transferee or loanee Unit or Developer is entitled for duty free procurement of the goods for its authorized operations;

(ii) the supplying and receiving Unit or Developer, as the case may be, shall maintain proper account of goods transferred or of goods given or taken on loan;

(iii) the goods transferred or given on loan basis shall not be counted for the purpose of Net Foreign Exchange Earning by the Unit;

(iv) the transferred goods (other than the raw material procured from Domestic Tariff Area) shall be accounted, as import by the receiving unit while the value of the same shall be deducted from the import of the transferring unit;

(v) transfer or loan of goods to Units or developers in other Special Economic Zones or to Export Oriented Unit or Electronic Hardware Technology Park unit or Software Technology Park unit or Bio-technology Park unit shall be allowed with the prior written permission of the Specified Officer and subject to such conditions as may be imposed.

39. Destruction of goods.- (1) After advance intimation to the Specified Officer, a Unit may destroy, without payment of duty, goods including capital goods, procured from Domestic Tariff Area or goods imported or goods manufactured or produced by the Unit including rejects or waste or scrap or remnants within the Special Economic Zone:

Provided that obtaining environmental clearance if any required for such destruction shall be the responsibility of the Unit.

(2) Where it is not possible to destroy goods within the Special Economic Zone, destruction of goods under sub-rule (1) shall be carried out, outside the Special Economic Zone with the permission of Specified Officer and in the presence of the Authorized Officer:

Provided that destruction of precious and semi-precious stones and precious metals shall not be allowed.

(3) The Unit shall be required to pay back the drawback and Duty Exemption Pass Book credit availed in of case destruction of goods procured from Domestic Tariff Area.

(4) Where any goods procured from Domestic Tariff Area under claim of drawback or Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme credit or under any export promotion scheme are destroyed due to natural calamities, the zone unit shall be required to pay drawback or Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme credit claimed on such goods:

Provided that in case where the Unit has procured the goods from Domestic Tariff Area against payment of foreign exchange, the Unit shall not be liable to pay back drawback or Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme credit or any export incentive claimed on such goods.

40. Movement of goods to and from non-processing area.- The movement of goods to and from non-processing area to a processing area and from one processing area of Special Economic Zone to a different processing area of the same Special Economic Zone shall be under serially numbered challans pre- authenticated by the owner or Managing Director or working partner or the company secretary or by any person duly authorized in this behalf by the company or firm, as the case may be, and the challans shall contain complete description of goods.