Oct 31, 2014
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Circular No.13/2003-CUSTOMS Date : 03/03/2003.

Subject : Examination Norms for Export Goods at Port of Export
Circular No.13/2003-CUSTOMS Date : 03/03/2003.

Subject:    Examination Norms for export goods at port of export for exports by EOUs and units in SEZs – Reg. 

            I am directed to refer to the Board’s Circular No.6/2002-Cus. Dt. 23.1.2002 on the above mentioned subjectr.  In this connection, representations have been received by the Board as to what would be examination norms for exports by EOUs and units in SEZs.  It has been pointed out that such exports are undertaken under the Free Shipping Bills but certain export incentives are available to them.

2.         The mater has been examined and it is clarified that exports by EOUs and units in SEZs shall be governed by examination norms, as applicable for EPCG/DEEC schemes, prescribed in para 2.1(D) of the Circular No.6/2002-Cus. Dated 23.1.2002.  However, if the export consignment of EOus or SEZs unit has been sealed by Customs/Central Excise Officer, the norms at para 2.1 (A) of the said Circular will apply.  The norms prescribed in para 2.1(B) of the said Circular for exports under free shipping bill is applicable to only those exports which are not under any export promotion scheme. 

3.         These instructions may be brought to the notice of all concerned by way of issuance of suitable Public Notice/Standing Order. 

4.         Difficulties, if any, in the implementation of these instructions may be brought to the notice of the Board.  Kindly acknowledge receipt of this Circular.