Oct 31, 2014
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CMS - 1.11.11 - San Cristobal

Customs Circular No- 53/2005 dated 29.12.2005

Customs Circular No- 53/2005 dated 29.12.2005
Administrative Control over Special Economic Zones-Instructions Reg.

Your attention is invited to Board's Circular No. 31/2003-Cus dated the 7th April, 2003 on the above subect. As per existing instructions, the administrative control over the Special Economic Zones is with the jurisdictional Commissioner of Customs.

2. Representations have been received from trade that Special Economic Zones located at far flung areas face difficulty in commuting to Customs Offices which are away from the SEZs, for pursuing various customs related work.

3. The matter has been examined by the Board. It has been decided that in the port cities, the administrative control over the Special Economic Zones falling within the territorial jurisdiction of Commissioner of Customs shall be with the Commissioner of Customs. At other places, the administrative control over Special Economic Zones shall be with jurisdictional Commissioner of Central Excise.

4. Board's Circular Nos. 31/2003-Customs, dated 7-4-2003, stands amended to the above extent.

5. Difficulty, if any faced in implementation of the above said instruction, may please be brought to the notice of the Board at the earliest.

6. Wide publicity may please be given to the above said instruction by way of issuance of public notice.

7. Please acknowledge receipt.

8. Hindi version follows.


(M M Parthiban)
Director (Customs)