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Development Commissioner
11. (1) The Central Government may appoint any of its officers not below the rank of Deputy Secretary to the Government of India as the Development Commissioner of one or more Special Economic Zones.

(2) The Central Government may appoint such officers and other employees as it considers necessary to assist the Development Commissioner in the performance of his functions in the Special Economic Zones established by a Developer (other than Central Government) under this Act on such terms and conditions as it deems fit.

(3) Every Development Commissioner, officers and other employee shall be entitled to such salary and allowances and subject to such terms and conditions of service in respect of leave, pension, provident fund and other matters as may, from time to time, be specified by the Central Government.

Functions of Development Commissioner
12. (1) Every Development Commissioner shall take all steps in order to discharge his functions under this Act to ensure speedy development of the Special Economic Zone and promotion of exports therefrom.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions, the Development Commissioner shall-

(a) guide the entrepreneurs for setting up of Units in the Special Economic Zone;

(b) ensure and take suitable steps for effective promotion of exports from the Special Economic Zone;

(c) ensure proper co-ordination with the Central Government or State Government Departments concerned or agencies with respect to, or for the purposes, of clauses (a) and (b);

(d) monitor the performance of the Developer and the Units in a Special Economic Zone ;

(e) discharge such other functions as may be assigned to him by the Central Government under this Act or any other law for the time being in force; and

(f) discharge such other functions as may be delegated to him by the Board.

(3) Every Development Commissioner shall be overall in charge of the Special Economic Zone and shall exercise administrative control and supervision over the officers and employees appointed under sub-section (2) of section 11 (including the officials deputed to such Special Economic Zone) to discharge any of the functions under this Act.

(4) Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-section (1) to (3), every Development Commissioner shall discharge such functions and exercise such powers as may be delegated to him by a general or special order by the Central Government or the State Government concerned, as the case may be.

(5) Every Development Commissioner may call for such information from a Developer or Unit from time to time as may be necessary to monitor the performance of the Developer or the Unit, as the case may be.

(6) The Development Commissioner, may, delegate any or all of his powers or functions to any of the officers employed under him.